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The ringing in my ears used to be a cause of constant annoyance. The discomfort is overwhelming at times, let alone the irritation. Tinnitus may be permanent or temporary. Prolonged tinnitus causes various psychological problems like anxiety. But this should not be the end of it. While some sufferers find relief, others succumb to the endless search for medication that works.

People with tinnitus testify how serious their condition is that at times they cannot bear with the abnormal noise in their heads. The presence of lots of cures only baffles sufferers, who search endlessly for treatments, which they actually find anywhere. But finding a treatment and finding one that works are two different things. There are medical treatments, which are scientifically tested. There are alternative medicines, which remain under scientific scrutiny. The latter, however, are said to work with less side effects.

Undergoing through therapies or medication helps people with tinnitus to achieve relief. But they have to do the following measures to maximize the treatment process.

  • Find out the cause. A good to do this is with a physician’s evaluation. You could be exposed to loud noise too often. You might have taken a pill that triggers tinnitus. You might be stressed. Once the causing factor is identified, the choice of treatment becomes easier. But if you are the unlucky patient who does not find the cause, do not spend the rest of your life trying to figure it out.
  • Modify your lifestyle. Tinnitus is a signal that damage has occurred in your ears. You cannot go back to unhealthy lifestyle and continue furthering the damage there is. Stay away from areas where loud noise is present. Wear muffs when you are at the factory with noise-generating equipment. Even if you are just mowing the lawn, if the lawn mowing machine is noisy, cover your ears with plugs.
  • Relax. The ringing in my ears was loudest when I am tired. Thus, keeping fatigue at bay helps me feel better. Relaxation helps calm the nerves. It is also important that we get ample rest and sleep to restore normal body functioning after a tough day. Enough and sleep boosts the immune system, too, and a good immune system works against tinnitus and other conditions. If you cannot get to sleep at night because of the relentless ringing, wear tinnitus maskers or play have a masking device near your bed.
  • Watch your diet. Diet is an important factor in alleviating tinnitus. Experts say that that too much caffeine and alcohol cause dehydration that affects the inner ear. Remember the cells in the inner ear are bathed in fluid. Avoid too much sodium in the diet, too. While tinnitus may be due to too much of some substances, it may also be a result of too little of some. Lack of vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and certain minerals like magnesium results in tinnitus.
Right now, I am into homeopathic remedy to cure ringing in my ears. I am glad to have seen some good results after several weeks and really hoping it can help stop ringing in ears.

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